Striker Flint and Steel Deluxe Striker Kit
Deluxe Flint and Steel Striker Kit W/Burned Tin
Deluxe Flint and Steel Striker Kit W/Burned Tin
Deluxe Flint and Steel Striker Kit W/Burned Tin

Deluxe Flint and Steel Striker Kit W/Burned Tin

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Flint & steel kits are reasonably compact, light-weight and very reliable. To nurture a tiny flint and steel spark into a fire, the spark is first caught on a material called char cloth. Char cloth is usually made from 100% cotton material that has been previously charred in the fire and smothered. This partially burned material is easily re-ignited by the tiny spark. The cloth is then transferred to a tinder bundle and blown into flame.

To make a flint and steel fire, first practice making sparks. These instructions are for right-handers. The opposite works for lefties: Hold the spark rock in your left hand so that a sharp edge is lying horizontally and facing your right hand. Hold the striker vertically in your right hand and practice taking one good deliberate stroke at a time. Bring the striker nearly straight down so that the sharp edge of the stone shaves off microscopic bits of metal. Following through with long strokes seems to help. When you get good sparks then you are ready for the char cloth. To catch the sparks, hold a piece of char cloth the size of a postage stamp on top of the rock with your thumb. Hold it as close as possible to the edge without interfering with the striker.

When a spark catches on the cloth and glows cherry red, blow gently to help it spread. Next, place it in the tinder bundle and blow it into flame. Be sure and put your flint and steel kit in a safe place as soon as you have your spark.

This regular flint and steel fire making equipment kit includes:

  • (1) Hand Forged Steel Striker
  • (2) 1-3 Each Flint Stones
  • (1) Char Cloth tin with Small hole drilled in side of tin
  • (1) 6-7 pcs. charred cloth material 
  • (1) 6' Length of Jute (makes 2-4 Nests)
  • (1) Tinder Tube

Also includes instructions on making char cloth.



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