Brain Tan Dry Scraper Tool
Brain Tan Dry Scraper Tool

Brain Tan Dry Scraper Tool

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Having the right tool for the dry scrape tanning job makes a huge difference in preparing a hide for brain tanning.

Our tanning tools tools are designed specifically for brain tanning, and are widely used by experienced tanners.

Dry Scraper: Designed similar to a Plains style Elk Antler scraper of the 1800s, the angle of the blade prevents "chattering", and the 2.5 pound weight is beneficial in helping the tool do a lot of the work for you.

This high quality, tool steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 58, holds a keen edge that is needed for efficient scraping.

This is a great tool that will greatly enhance your tanning experience.

This Tool is similar to some we have taken in Trade at Rendezvous used by Buckskinners.

New Condition - Tool has not been used yet...

Size: Approximately 17 inches long overall

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