Brain Tanning - An Easy Guide for the 21st Century

Brain Tanning - An Easy Guide for the 21st Century

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Both a history and "how-to" on brain tanning leather. This book provides insight into thousands of years of cultural history.

"Anyone who knows Dick Walsh is impressed by his natural ability to communicate and teach others. Whether in person or in print, Dick has a unique ability to convey complex issues in a straight forward manner. As a result, his writing reads like an easy conversation between friends. At the same time, he never loses sight of the finer details. Not only is his text well documented, it is generously filled with supporting quotes and historical background to give the reader just the right amount of context to better understand and appreciate the subject. He caps it off with a generous supply of photographs and illustrations to ensure that the tanning enthusiast not only reads about the various techniques but is able to see them clearly demonstrated as well. Brain Tanning: An Easy Guide for the 21st Century will be an indispensable resource to the novice and experienced tanner alike." David Grove, President and CEO, Jefferson National Park Association.

58 pages, Fully illustrated. Paperback. Condition - New 

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