Pattern - The Capote
Pattern - The Capote

Pattern - The Capote

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Pattern developed by Master Craftworkers at Missouri River

Northern Plains Blanket Capote Pattern is a traditional style capote worn by most western tribes and Mountain men. Can be made from blankets for authenticity or heavy wool fabric. Includes several options for fringe treatment, decorations, etc., and is easy to make.

Sizes 36-52.

 They are Called “Capote” after the French word for “hood”, blanket coats like this originated in central Canada and were probably made as early as 1675. These popular style coats are standard issue during the French and Indian War and the American Revolution and many times were made by the soldiers themselves from issue blankets.

By the mid-19th century, the popularity of the Capote had spread westward with the fur trade and it was commonly seen in use by the Native Americans of the Northern Plains & the Rocky Mountains. There were also many commercially made Capotes available. 

 On a Cold snowy Rendezvous in the Spring or late fall in Utah, The Blanket Capote takes the chill off on a cold evening sitting by the fire...

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